The Adult Study Hour (ASH) is currently engaged in a consideration of various ethical theories, from Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics to 20th century John Rawls’ Theory of Justice. We apply each theory to a contemporary moral issue. For example, last week we applied Kant’s Categorical Imperative to whether or not to buy from given their rigid employee practices. Kant asks us to “Act only by that maxim that you could at the same time will to be universal.” What if everyone refused to shop on Amazon? Some possible results would be that Amazon would go bankrupt and all employees would lose their jobs, or that Amazon would yield to public pressure and change its practices. A lively discussion ensued during which we concluded that efforts to make large, systemic changes are more effective than individual actions, but they are also much more difficult. We meet every Sunday at 9:00 in the Boulevard Room and dismiss in time to be on time to worship. Join us.

Constance Wise, PhD